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A New 1-hour Online Webinar Bootcamp Workshop For 2022 From Daniel Knecht (Freelancer and online Digital Advertiser)

Which Cash-Generating Marketing Principles Are You Leveraging In Your Online Freelance Business?

Discover How I went from $0 to over $18,000 on Fiverr with ZERO experience - Gain Specific Knowledge And Tools To Amplify Your Performance, Income, &  Freelance Order Results.

This FREE Live Webinar has limited spots available.

Live Webinar begins this Monday Feb 12th, 2022 from 11:00AM-
12:00 PM US Eastern Time. Webinar is FREE (normally $37)

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2/12/2022 11:00 AM US Eastern Time.



No matter if you are a complete novice or a seasoned Freelance Expert, discover the tools needed to excel at Cashvertising your business. 

This Online Freelance Bootcamp Webinar will guide you through the steps needed to revamp your storefront and market using the most effective tactics and techniques. 

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In This 1-hour FREE Freelance Webinar, You Will Learn:

  • How to advertise more effectively. What does the customer want? What are the pain points of your customer? Who is your ideal customer and how to attract them to your service or gig? There is system for approaching this which you will review in detail to get you good at doing it.

  • The fundamentals of marketing. Who are you targeting with your advertising copy? Who are your competitors and what other options are available to them? How are you differentiated and positioned relative to the competition? What is your unique value proposition?

  • How to strategically compose your marketing copy. Do you struggle with writing effective marketing copy? If you miss the mark on your copy and presentation then all of your advertising efforts could be wasted. Your storefront needs to be inviting and inspire confidence in your customer.

  • How to communicate with potential customers to lead them to a sale. Many people forget that they are selling a product or service when they communicate with potential customers. You don't need to come across as overly pushy or eager, just be direct and ask for  your business.

  • What does quality control mean and how can you implement it in your own work. Too many sellers forget to use QC as a competitive advantage. This can be a secret weapon in dominating your market space when used effectively. 

  • How to price your gig relative to your competitors. Your price when you have 0 reviews should not be anywhere near your price when you have 50+ reviews. Knowing how this works enables you to literally control the influx of new clients like you would be turning a faucet on and off. 

  • How to get rave reviews - following my proven CQTV Method. There are four pillars to getting a rave-review. Rave reviews are authentic reviews by customers who feel they have landed on a gold-mine thanks to your work and business. Follow this formula to do it.

  • Determine how to ensure you get traffic to your new gig. It is tempting to let algorithms do all the work for you - and they will eventually, but you can speed up the process and bring clients to you. We will look at definitive ways how.

  • Convert traffic into customers. You will look at the main factors that influence why we buy anything. Meeting exact specific needs that are at a 1-on-1 level with a specific customer circumstance. This goes back to how we define the target market and how customized our offer i

  • Learn the strategies I used to gain a competitive advantage... for yourself.   Daniel teaches only the methods that he has been using since 2016 in his business to gross $20,000+ of side income. This is being taught for the first time ever to a limited audience through this webinar event only.

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Author of the 2017 Book The Key To Limitless Abundance.

Course Instructor of 600+ students across 72 countries on the top-ranked Udemy Web Design and Affiliate Marketing Class and How to go from 0 orders on Fiverr to over 100.

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$18,000+ (20% Fiverr commission) earned on Fiverr as a Level 2 seller with over 150 5-star orders and rave-reviews in 5 different markets.

About Daniel Knecht

Daniel Knecht is the founder of Click Throttle Digital Marketing and Advertising Agency and Studio Knecht (Fiverr brand), two leading digital marketing services. He has consulted and provided training at Fortune 500 companies on database management & has consulted with Fiverr freelancers scaling several from 0 orders to 100s. With a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Daniel has worked as an engineer and project manager throughout his career pursuing web design and freelance as a side hobby that has grown to servicing dozens of active clients around the world. 

Daniel is currently completing an MBA in data analytics at George Mason University. He has been actively freelancing for over 7-years and routinely consults with companies both large and small.

His passion for teaching and business is at the center of all of his work.


During this webinar, Daniel uncovers his most powerful lesson and insights into how to shift your own results by following along step-by-step.

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Daniel Knecht

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Get The Tools You Need To Gain a Competitive Advantage with Your Freelancing Business on Fiverr.

This Webinar has only a few seats left.

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